MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa says he has given Dr Thokozani Khupe an extra three days to repent or face automatic expulsion.

“She is being given the last chance and we are in Matabeleland for three days and we will use these three days to persuade her. If she fails (to repent), then she will have expelled herself,”  Chamisa told the Daily News.

But Khupe is digging in setting tough conditions for Chamisa, including him relinquishing his claim to the leadership of the party.

Obert Gutu says Khupe is going nowhere. “I am not aware of any moves to expel vice president Thokozani Khupe from the party. However, in the event that there are some people who are harbouring such evil intentions, then they will very soon be receiving a very rude shock of their lives.

“There are constitutional provisions that have to be rigorously followed ... It’s not as easy as congregating in a bar and planning to expel certain cadres from the party. No!

“Khupe is a founder member of the MDC. She will not be easily pushed out of the party simply to satisfy the evil and self-destructing machinations of a few power-hungry and misguided political charlatans. It is those people who should be expelled from the party,” Gutu said, in apparent reference to Chamisa.