Activist Linda Masarira says she is not pushing for the return of Robert Mugabe but the respect of the Constitution.

“We have no interest in Mr Mugabe being restored as President and if anything our political activism arose because we were violated by his tenure ad President from when he was Prime Minister and nothing in our view has been good from his leadership of Zimbabwe. We don't even feel democratically good by the sad fact that Mr Mugabe is our former President.
Our issue is that the Constitution is supreme and must so reign and must never be violated or ridiculed. The Constitutional order must be respected at all times ensuring that in times of good or bad the Constitution remains supreme.

Our thrust is merely to have the actions of the arm declared invalid to the extent that they are inconsistent with the Constitution.

“Civilian rule must always be left untainted by actions of the army for we are not at war. The President must be allowed to govern in terms of the Constitution and not fear interference which he does not choose, a President may align himself with any views and if unconstitutional then such conduct can be curbed via constitutional means not through bogus court rulings and ridiculing our judiciary to wrongly interpreted our laws.

It must be understood that we do not support Mr Mugabe nor do we support G40 nor Lacoste but the Constitution is what we rally behind.