MDC-T president Nelson Chamisa says he will push for dialogue with his deputy Thokozani Khupe after the expiry of the seven-day ultimatum.

He said he was defying the national council. “As president, I have given myself a task to engage Khupe because we are a party of peace, a party of tolerance, a party of dialogue. I keep insisting that we have to engage with Khupe and I am going to use my time in Bulawayo to try and engage with her as that is the legacy of our departed leader, a legacy of peace and unity.

“That is what I am going to push through,” Chamisa told The Standard in an interview.

Khupe’s aide Witness Dube, who was left with a deep cut to the head, on Thursday said he was frustrated by the violence in the MDC and was contemplating quitting, but Chamisa said that was not necessary.

Chamisa deplored the intra-party violence yesterday, adding it was giving him headaches.

“We need to try as much as possible to allow dialogue to take place. I am emboldened by the desire to find a win-win solution to the party. Violence is not part of our DNA,” he said.

“It’s alien to our DNA. We cannot allow ourselves as victims of violence to appear to have been baptised by that violence to then instigate it.

“This issue of violence is giving me headaches because I am a man of peace, a man of unity.

“We are not a party of violence, non-violence has always been our politics, politics of peace, tolerance and convergence and I am not going to quickly activate any resolution that calls for the expulsion of any party member before we exhaust all channels of dialogue.”