This is Rachel Mafuta (18) who was mauled by her husband, Johannes Karimanzira (24),  in Marange. She is now recovering at Mutare Provincial Hospital.

 “He told me that he was going to kill me, but I thought it was a joke until he started biting my face and lips. He bit my ears and when I tried to push him away, he mauled my hands.

“He shouted that blood was supposed to be spilled that night and that I was supposed to be a sacrificial lamb. I was supposed to die since his ancestors had elected me. As we speak, his grandmother whom we stay with has already disappeared since he also told her that she was the next victim,” she told Manica Post.

“When I tried to call out for help he bit my lips. He was only restrained by relatives who rushed to the scene to rescue me after they heard my calls. Had it not been for them, I would be dead by now.

She said a few days preceding the attack, she had asked Karimanzira for permission to visit her parents in Mutare, fearing for her life due to an upsurge in his violent penchant towards her.

Karimanzira was infuriated by Rachel’s request and pounced. A police report has since been made.