MDC deputy president Dr Khupe has lashed out at Nelson Chamisa for reneging on an agreement that the two made to stop all party meetings.

Khupe has written a letter to the party’s guardian council of elders, appealing to them to intervene in the leadership dispute pitting her against Chamisa.

“In all my visits and calls to the president in his last days, I never raised the issue of who was supposed to act in his absence because the president had sat Honourable Chamisa, Honourable Mudzuri and myself down to clarify who acted on his behalf,” she said.

“He had been clear that I was to act in all instances when he would be absent, by operation of the constitution.”

 “I met Honourable Chamisa at his chambers on the 13th of February 2018, to advise him to cancel the series of meetings I heard he had scheduled pending due consultations with all leaders to resolve who was acting president,” she said.
“After much discussion, he promised to cancel them. After this one-on-one with him, I left for Bulawayo.

“On the 14th of February 2018, I learnt of the passing on of president Tsvangirai, and of a renewed interest by Honourable Chamisa to have the same meetings he had cancelled. I was further informed that he had called these meetings as preparatory meetings for president Tsvangirai’s burial. What followed is in the public domain as the late president Tsvangirai’s funeral literally became a campaign tool for party presidency by Honourable Chamisa.

“We had agreed that I be the keynote speaker at Freedom Square, but he protested that arrangement when we were on the platform. I gave in because I did not want to cause unnecessary scenes at the funeral.”