A British businessman has been  jailed for 37 years for bouncing a cheque in Qatar.

Jonathan Nash fears he will never see his children again. ‘All my pleas have so far been ignored and I’ve come to the realisation that I may die in prison or be a very old man if I ever do leave this place.

‘What is causing me the most pain is that I may never see my family again. I don’t know who else to turn to, I guess only the generosity of the Emir to intervene personally on my behalf could help,’ he is reported as saying by the Daily Mail.
The businessman has been in jail for three years and has to share a cell with 11 other prisoners. He was arrested after a cheque he wrote as CEO of Doha construction firm ‘Top House’ bounced due to an ‘internal dispute’ in the company.

His mother Jenny Nash, from Devon, is worried she will never see him again. She told RT he has been asked to pay £1 million to be released.

She said: ‘We’ve not got that kind of money, unless we win the lottery. We’re not young, my husband and I are both 77. My son has got 37 years, we’re not going to see him again.’