A black boy has been chained to a lamppost and whipped him by a group of white students in a reported mock slave auction.

This happened at a school in Bath, UK. The Mirror reports that the terrified youngster was hit with sticks by seven teens who hurled abhorrent racist slurs at him and made references to the slave trade.

Three of the alleged involved were originally expelled but were allowed to return to the classroom when the board of governors overturned the headteacher's decision. The governors decided the expelled trio should instead be suspended for two weeks along with the other four boys involved.

The secondary school in Bath, Somerset, claims it 'thoroughly investigated' the incident in January took action 'in line with statutory procedures'.

The victim's parents did not wish to comment but other parents expressed their outrage at the troubling situation. Police confirmed they are investigating the alleged incident, said to have taken place on school grounds during a lunch break.

The school, which cannot be identified for legal reasons, said in a statement: 'We have become aware of media interest in an incident which took place in January and involved a group of established friends and related to a single incident of unacceptable behaviour within the school grounds.

'A full investigation was instigated in line with both internal school procedures and Department of Education requirements, including contact with the police.

'You can be assured that the school has taken this incident exceptionally seriously and that our absolute priority was, and remains, that the right path is taken for all those involved as well as the wider school community.