Andy Muridzo says is quitting Jah Prayzah's Military Touch Movement charging that he has not benefited anything from the relationship.

“I no longer want anything to do with MTM. I want out. Rather, I’m practically out but still with them on paper. I have a five-year contract that I signed last year though I’m working on terminating it.

“I have not been attending MTM functions for some time now and that should be sending a clear message to everyone regarding my position with them,” Muridzo told The Sunday Mail.

“Not a single thing I was promised on the contract has been fulfilled. Actually, Jah Prayzah wants all the good things for himself. He is not willing to assist others and is not a saint as most of you imagine him to be.”

“(Other MTM members) also want out but they are afraid to come out in the open. Ours is a case whereby we are locked in a room with trinkets to divert our attention from the bigger goal. We are being controlled so that we don’t realise our full potential and I’m saying no, enough is enough.

“How do you explain a situation whereby JP goes on to collaborate with hip-hop artistes when we have ExQ in the team or sets himself a collabo with a reggae artiste yet we have Nutty O in the movement?

“Would it not have made sense if Yemi Alade collaborated with Tahle, the only female MTM member? MTM ndeyekuitisana chete (MTM exists to exploit people for one man’s benefit).”

“Jah Prayzah has become a brand abroad and is the contact person for any foreign artiste requiring a collaboration with Zimbabwean artistes but the guy is abusing that privilege. He is converting every opportunity that arises for personal benefit.

“I was supposed to do a collaboration with Mozambican musician Mr Bow and Harmonize from Tanzania but again he grabbed the opportunities for himself. What then is the reason for this Movement when it only benefits one person? How many collabos has JP done in the past months and yet I’m still to win just a single one?”

Muridzo has recorded a new album.  “I recorded the album with no help from MTM and as such it will not carry the MTM logo or any form of acknowledgement. Also, in the album I retrace my roots. I dropped the West African music style that MTM has been pushing me to do, returning to the traditional sound that made me a household name.

“… things have been hectic over the past months but I’m happy I have taken corrective measures. JP had access to my recorded but yet to be released music at MTM studios and that was creating serious challenges for me. I need to be my own man once again and determine my destiny, so yes this is it, hukama hwangu neMTM hwapera (my relationship with MTM is done). I don’t want to continue leaving in this mistake."

However, Jah Prayzah's manager, Mushapaidze insists the MTM team is intact.
“As far as we are concerned, (Muridzo) is still a part of us. If they are any developments or if he has left, he is still to officially communicate with us.

“We have a running contract with him and automatically that makes him a member of MTM just like any other affiliate of the team. We can only start discussing about departure when his five-year contract expires or when he comes to terminate it.”