Former President, Robert Mugabe says chances of Zanu PF winning the elections are slim following the military takeover.

He told guests at his birthday party that :"They now want to work with me for elections, can they be trusted again? Ohh, can our people trust them again? Can our people vote for such a Zanu PF, a Zanu PF which shredded the constitution? I don’t know.

“What are we going to tell them? Are they going to convince them that this is what we did? “Speak the truth that people died, that people were intimidated by the gun? I don’t know.”

I don’t know with the time left whether we are able to do that and unite the people. But first things first, they must accept and apologise that what they did was wrong. “It is not what we fought for. Then we can start to talk on the way forward. But I doubt if our people will forgive us. I doubt if they will be trusted again.

He was quoted by The Standard as saying :“When Mnangagwa called, I addressed him as president and he said no, ‘don’t address me as president, call me by my first name, Emmerson’. I said no you are the president, this is what you are. “Isn’t this what you wanted?” (Laughs).

He then pleaded with me and I said ‘anyway, I will call you ED since this is what newspapers call you.’” 

“We are sorry, we misled our people. We are sorry we deceived them. I am talking even on behalf of Emmerson who does not want to be called president by me, we deceived our people,” he added. “We need to apologise and say the truth to them.