It’s amazing how God is... everyone will always look at their parents like the most successful and the most good looking... for me it’s worse than seeing them this way, I see myself this way too.. I always sit on his lap and just act like a baby and he lets me. We get each other ! Same sense of humour, same face, same busines mind.. 

I’m the copy and paste.. happy birthday Daddy, you are the light in my life. You always make me laugh even when Im not in the mood - the amount of memories we have created and how often you make a dull situation come alive. You have the kindest heart, the most giving heart and I’m so blessed to have lived a life filled with your love. I have never met anyone who works harder than you, a more consistent man! You were my first love and I’ll be here with you till you need to sit on my lap. I’ll always take care of you as you’ve always taken care of me. I love you my son. I love you Daddy. Michelle Chiyangwa