Wicknell Chivayo says parliamentarians who quizzed him yesterday were mostly interested in his lunch with Grace Mugabe.

He tweeted "Suffice it to say I tried to put across matters to people who's minds were already made up about me. All they really wanted was an explanation about the lunch in Dubai so the pressure was too much and i don't think anyone could have done better. I stood my ground.

He added "I think the first thing that's important to understand is that no one on that panel and the general audience understands this matter especially how SPB and EPC contracts work. Hence the arguments were convoluted and winding.

By approaching the CEO of SPB , OPC and the Minister of Energy I did not approach Individuals. I approached them formally in their executive positions as Government officials . I did not approach them individually at their homes. Thats due process....

Further SPB CEO does not make final decisions .He approches SPB board and decisions are made as resolutions .For all intents and purposes due process was followed resulting in a resolution where members justified their reasons, well within their powers to approve 3 awards