Chimurenga icon, Thomas Mapfumo has revealed that he fled into exile when he felt that his life was in danger in Zimbabwe.

“The reason why I left the country was based on my security that time. I got a tip-off from my friends who were within the security establishment that my life was in danger. I did not think twice, I had to spare my life that is why I came here. They (President Mugabe led Government) were not happy with my music and I was declared an enemy of the state,” Mukanya told The Sunday Mail.

“…many statements were being circulated to portray me as a thief, the truth is I did not steal those cars, I’m not a thief. I lost a lot of money when I bought those cars and I’m trying to recover my money back. How can I be accused of stealing cars when the seller was not arrested and is still operating his business in Zimbabwe, does that make sense? This issue had nothing to do with the cars, I gathered it was politically motivated to muzzle my voice because I was very critical of the previous regime.”
Mukanya also spoke about speculation that he cut his dreadlocks because of cancer and that he had separated from his wife.

“I shaved them (dreadlocks) and grew new ones, that had nothing to do with any health issue. Ndine vhudzi rinokura handiite re-attach (my hair grows fast I do not have to re-attach). Randakagerwa ririmo mumba adzimai vangu vakarichengeta (the locks I shaved off are there in the house, my wife has kept them). I shaved because I wanted a different look, when we were growing up we shaved using a razor and we would leave a patch with long hair.

“My wife never came back to Zimbabwe we are still together, happily living tese as husband and wife, izvozvi kutaura kuno vaenda kubasa (as we speak she has gone to work). We are coming back together in April, she has not set foot in Zimbabwe in the last 14 years and she equally misses her mother."