When I think of Fatherhood, I’m directed to two great examples in the Bible, Elijah and you guessed it; Elisha. Elisha was a farmer when He met his mentor and if there is a reason why he managed to set the greatest example and understand Fatherhood and sonship more than anyone is because only a Farmer understands The principles of A Seed and The Fruit.

 He knew if I put down a corn seed in the ground, what I would harvest will be a corn stalk. A Father is the seed bearer of what you will become, For You to be there you are a result of the seed your Father carried in his loins, You are a manifestation of what he put in the ground.You become what you come to be. You can plant corn seed and along the way envy the groundnuts in your neighbours farm and envy as you may your corn seed will never be a nut.

Fatherhood is for mature people. This is Uebert Angel. My Seed-bearer, I now know how to sign off million dollar deals because I’m a manifestation of what he put in the ground.#Radah #jgisthebest #vachingovukuratichingopupura. Prophet Edd Branson