Two Zimbabweans with Malawian emergency travel documents have been denied entry into Malawi.

Miriam Makawa and Patrick Patrick Maunda were rumbled at the Mwanza border post, according to Mwanza border publicist Pasqually Zulu.

Zulu said the two were in Trip Trans bus and were travelling using Malawi emergency certificates which were issued at Malawi High Commission in Harare on 26 January, 2018. The pair who claimed to be related, told immigration officials that they will be staying at a guest house in Lilongwe during their time in Malawi.

Officers got suspicious and detained the two for a search and further questioning. Later it was discovered that the two know no one in Malawi even though the emergency certificates were original.

Zulu said that Maunda initially claimed that he came to look for his relatives in Malawi but later admitted that he intended to acquire a Malawi passport and return to Zimbabwe.

The two were sent back on the same bus that brought them in.