Armed police guards were yesterday deployed to thwart attempts by MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s relatives to raid his Highlands mansion of household property.

Sources within Tsvangirai’s own security told the Daily News that three people who claimed to be the former PM’s relatives turned up at his Highlands mansion on Sunday unannounced and asked to gain access into the main house to “pick some things”.

 “They sent people to Tsvangirai’s house who claimed to represent the family  and wanted to take things out and they were denied entry by the security who became suspicious and demanded to know what exactly they wanted to take out,” said the source.

“They only left after Tsvangirai’s security called the police otherwise they wanted to get in by force. Nobody ever got to know what exactly they wanted to take out because they insisted that they wanted something inside.

“It later became clear that they wanted to transfer property to Tsvangirai’s old Strathaven home where he used to stay with his late wife, Susan, before the inclusive government in 2009,” added the source.