Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa says tithes are not recoverable as he defended himself against false prophesy claim filed by the High Court.

Makandiwa and his wife, Ruth, face a $6,5 million lawsuit filed by business couple, Upenyu and Blessing Mashangwa. The two alleged that they fell prey to a prophecy which promised them “debt cancellation miracle”.

Makandiwa and Ruth, through, Advocate Lewis Uriri said: “The terms ‘tithing and offerings’ were not created by the defendants in the circumstances alleged.”

“Those are biblical terms which appear and are used in the Holy Scriptures. The defendants plead that the plaintiffs knew exactly that they were either tithing or making freewill offerings; that such tithing and freewill offerings were not by compulsion, but their individual act of worship based on the religious convictions they held to be well founded in the scriptures.”

“Tithes and free will offerings made to the church are an act of worship derived from the believer’s faith and are, as such, not recoverable.”

The two said the business couple did not at any given time receive a debt cancellation prophecy in terms of and manner they alleged, adding the plaintiffs never owed ZB Bank $500 000 as they alleged.

Uriri is also claiming the Mashangwas never paid over $1,1 million in tithes and offerings to UFIC. He is arguing the couple could not have paid such a huge sum of money to the church as they were being sued by a local bank for failing to service a $30 000 loan.