Tinopona Katsande is back at ZiFM Stereo, five years after she was sacked because of that tape.

“Five years ago, I was fired from my job as a co-anchor on the breakfast show on one of Zimbabwe’s biggest commercial radio station’s for a leaked s.ex tape that went viral on social media. 

“Yes I had shot the s.ex tape several years prior to it leaking with my then boyfriend believing of cause (sic), that it would always remain between just the two of us, but things took a wrong turn,” said Tin Tin.

“I was at the helm of my career then in radio broadcasting earning a handsome salary and loved by all. I was the shining star in my family, the envy of friends and foe alike.

“Then the curtain came down. I literally went from hero to zero in the blink of an eye. I lost everything, integrity, my image, reputation, pride and of course my source of income. I went from eating lavish meals in any restaurant I wanted to eating raw avocados from the tree in my backyard because I couldn’t even afford a loaf of bread.
“I had hit rock bottom and the only thing I could do was look up, for by His grace in all the darkness, I never forgot that I had an awesome Creator who although seemed silent at the time, I knew He had not forsaken me. It took a bit of time, but slowly and speedily, I began to pull myself up and out of my self-made dungeon.

“I accepted my reality of the situation then and opened up to getting the help I needed to keep moving forward. I began to live again.”
“I knew getting a gig on any other radio station was a complete waste of my time at that time regardless of how brilliant I was. I knew I had to turn to other talents that God gave me and other skills I had acquired over the years to find a way to sustain a decent livelihood. I did hair and nails.”

“Slowly, things began to fall into place, but still my heart was broken. All I wanted was to get back to my radio job that I loved and cherished. My career in broadcasting was everything to me and everyday for five years, my prayer had something to do with asking the Lord to give me back my job.

Tin Tin will be back at ZiFM Stereo presenting her own programme she has named Formation. The three-hour programme will air every Sunday, starting at 9PM.

 “I am back to doing what I do best – being a phenomenal vivacious radio presenter. I got my second chance and I’m running with it.