The late MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai is plotting to disinherit his wife, Elizabeth.

The Daily News reports that before his death, Tsvangirai consulted his lawyer Innocent Chagonda of leading Harare law firm Atherstone & Cook about his estate more than three times, apparently fearing that his beloved spouse would become a victim of property grabbing by his relatives.

“He was consulting me,” Chagonda — a longstanding Tsvangirai lawyer, said. He said Tsvangirai consulted him to determine whether probate was necessary, and to assess if there may be any problems or contentions, saying the settlement would offer him priceless peace of mind.

Chagonda said he offered him sound legal advice. He declined to state what legal advice he proffered to Tsvangirai.

Elizabeth’s lawyer Harris Nkomo said he is yet to receive instructions from his client to contest the said decision to disinherit her.

“She hasn’t consulted me yet over this,” Nkomo said. Zimbabwean courts have been frowning at property dispositions from widows even where the deceased would have left no written will.

Legal experts said if she is deprived by the greed of relatives, she reserves the right to approach the courts relying on Deceased Estates Succession Act (Chapter 6:02) for protection, or recovery of looted assets.