A British conservationist is raising money for urgent medical treatment for a Zimbabwean man living with a tumour the size of his head.

Zoe Cawthorne has so far managed to raise over £2,500 for 22-year-old Edwin — who is now struggling to eat and fearing for his life.

After hearing about Zoe’s successful efforts to help a woman with a similar condition a year ago, Edwin travelled to the Imire rhino sanctuary as a “last resort”.

Zoe explained: “Edwin just turned up with this massive tumour, so the owners called me right away and said ‘we need to help him’, which is when I set up the JustGiving page.
Within a week of setting up the fundraising page, donors had raised Zoe’s £2,500 target and Edwin was sent to hospital straight away.

However, Zoe fears he will need a lot more funds if he’s going to get the help he needs — without which he will die. Those who want to help can do so here