West Ham did not sign any more African players because they have a bad attitude and cause mayhem when they are not in the team, according to director of player recruitment, Tony Henry.

West Ham said in a statement on Thursday: 'The Club can confirm that Director of Player Recruitment Tony Henry has been suspended pending a full and thorough investigation. West Ham United will not tolerate any type of discrimination and has, therefore, acted swiftly due to the serious nature of these claims.

'The West Ham United family is an inclusive one where, regardless of gender, age, ability, race, religion or sexual orientation, everybody feels welcome and included.

'The Club will make no further comment until the investigation has been concluded.'
In an email to one agent, Henry wrote: 'We don't want any more Africans and he's not good enough. I sent Thomas to watch him and the other lad last week and he said no. If Palace take them good luck.

Henry was asked by Daily Mail if there is a club policy regarding African players. Initially he replied 'no' but later confirmed it was true and suggested it was a policy supported by club management. 'Yeah,' Henry replied. 'Because we had three and we felt we didn't particularly want any more African players.'