Botswana President Ian Khama  has insisted that there was no coup in Zimbabwe.

 “I don’t know what happened. All I know -if I can be undiplomatic- it was a breath of fresh air. We saw the president who has brought the country to its knees. We, as you know in Botswana have been quite critical of Mugabe’s rule over the years,” he said when he visited Namibia this week.

“When I say I don’t know what happened in Zimbabwe, is that we saw the military on the streets and everyone thought coup. But actually, it was not a coup because a coup is when the military takes over the government but no military leaders declared themselves as the head of government. No military governing council said they were now the Cabinet.”

Khama said the military were just on the streets to stabilise and “possibly to fast-track what the people of Zimbabwe wanted to happen.”

When Zanu PF top leadership eventually vowed they would impeach him in parliament, Mugabe submitted his resignation.

Khama noted his personal contribution at the time was to write an open letter to Mugabe to step down and since then he said he has invited Mnangagwa for a state visit to Botswana.