G40 bigwig Walter Mzembi is fighting to get his passport back as he wants to travel abroad. He appeared in court yesterday and pleaded with the magistrate but the State opposed the application for the release of the passport, saying Mzembi was a flight risk.

“Your Worship, the State has initially consented to the relaxation of the bail conditions of the accused and the release of his passport because certain information of a criminal nature had not been brought to the authorities,” he said. 

“Now, certain information has since been brought to light which link the accused to a substantial amount of money. The State official who made the consent earlier was not aware of the information. The evidence is of the nature that if the accused is granted his passport he will evade and not stand trial.

Through his lawyer, Mr Job Sikhala, Mzembi argued that the alleged criminal information was not before the court.

Sikhala said Mzembi had never attempted to flee the country. The applicant has been subject of unfair media coverage, with some headlines brutal that the applicant could have decided to run away, but he never moved an inch,” he said. “He remained at his home.

“Even during the time when the military carried the Operation Restore Legacy on November 15, he did not run away. There is no evidence to him being a flight risk. It is, therefore, the duty of the court to protect every citizen.”

Harare magistrate Ms Rumbidzai Mugwagwa will make a ruling on February 16.