National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru, has revealed that she met former president, Robert Mugabe after he called her.

“He called me and I obliged. He was telling me what happened was wrong, he was misinformed,” she told VOA.

Mujuru, who was savaged by both Mugabe and his wife, Grace before being ousted said she now feels vindicated, after her constant denials of plotting to overthrow Mugabe, were ignored by the then president and Grace.

“You know for a start, I told him (Mugabe) that they were not … it wasn’t me. Its people who are after Mugabe who you know are doing all these things. And it has, I’ve, I’ve have been vindicated by what I said to him,” Mujuru shared, adding also that she holds no grudge against Mugabe for how he treated her.

“I forgave him a long time ago, including the, the wife. They (Mugabe, his wife Grace) were tricked, and mind you the same people who are now in control are the very same people who went and tricked Mugabe,” said Mujuru, who personally attended and congratulated Mnangagwa on his inauguration. “So, they knew what they wanted to do – they wanted me out of the way first, so that they will be able to get to Mugabe easily,” she said.

Mujuru said, she was happy to find Mugabe in good spirits.

“He was very happy, I think he’s resting, he’s doing fine,” Mujuru said of Mugabe’s disposition. “I was very happy to see him in that mood.”

She said Mugabe did not appear to be under house arrest. “No, not house arrest as such,” she said. “Of course, being a former president he should have people who guard him as soldiers, they could be soldiers and policemen all included, because that is how he used to move, even when he was still head of state.”

Asked whether Mugabe appears free to have visitors at his home, Mujuru said Mugabe is experiencing what she went through after her ouster from the party and government – defection – and that they shared a laugh over it.

“Now that he is in this predicament, aaah, we were actually laughing, you know, I just said to him, ah, you know what, when you are in this situation people desert (you), and he said yes, even relatives have deserted.”