Joice Mujuru and Professor Jonathan Moyo and his G40 cabal are joining hands in a new front to challenge President Mnangagwa at the polls.

They are forming what they will call the New Patriotic Front. The news comes after Mujuru was attacked in Glen Norah. Mujuru blames the government of President Mnangagwa for the attack, which resulted in her and several of her members, seeking treatment at local hospitals.

“Everybody must know that this government is not a people’s government,” she said. “It came by force and if they see people doing things in peace, they are not happy.”

But some on social media say the attack was a grand Jonathan Moyo led smear campaign against the Mnangagwa administration. Others insist this was the work of Zanu PF after the party was spooked by the Mujuru meeting with Mugabe.