The Harare couple who accused Prophet Makandiwa of false prophesies has been dragged to court facing allegations of double-selling the house under dispute.

A Harare woman, Jemina Gumbo has raised fraud charges against Blessing and Upenyu Mashangwa.

The Mashangwas claim they lost $200 000 after their house was attached and sold for $500 000 when they failed to service a debt despite Makandiwa’s “prophecy” that the auction would be cancelled.

Gumbo claims the couple had sold the same house to her in 2012 for $800 000. She claims to have made the payment on March 1, 2012 into the couple’s investment account with McDowells International Properties Investment.

According to Gumbo’s court papers, the Mashangwas cancelled the agreement of sale on February 20, 2013, arguing they had not received payment from McDowells, which had since been shut down by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

Gumbo and the couple then entered into an agreement stating how she would be repaid her money. But the Mashangwas failed to honour the promise after successfully attaching MacDowells’ Masvingo properties.