Zifa boss, Philip Chiyangwa once described as a genius when he wanted to hire her to be part of the technical team at Zifa. But Warriors striker and her ex husband, Nyasha Mushekwi threatened to go on strike if she was hired. Chiyangwa then cut Luminitsa Mushekwi loose saying he did not want to rock the Warriors boat.

A few years down the line, Luminitsa is still in the game. She said :”Its just amazing how Zimbabweans are quick to hate on a woman who is representing the country showing that Zimbabwe indeed has educated women who are respected on the international scene of world football.

Instead all Zimbabweans do is try tear other people down instead of putting some respect on their names coz they are representing your country. And yes for sure, Hupenyu uyu iiii. You said Luminitsa wasnt good enough for Zifa when you all hardly knew her, but fortunately, FIFA, CAF and COSAFA dare to say otherwise. Including Footballa Federations across Africa, I'm still the youngest person on the CAF football committee, men and women football and guess what... I am a girl from Zimbabwe who has broken boundaries across the world of football and still very well respected and behind some of the great works you see on your televisions and newspapers and on the fields, yes....But Zimbabweans.... noooooo something has to be wrong right? God open their eyes.”