Prominent activists, Kuda Musasiwa and Patson Dzamara have clashed on Facebook over the MDC fiasco.
Kuda wrote : "Example of  Cognitive Dissonance: When Khupe is insulted and called a "Pfambi" (Whore/Prostitute) by an agreeable commenter, the Christian Dr. Patson Dzamara ignores and lets its slide. When Chamisa is told to "Go to Hell" the good doc then jumps in an says "No need for insults!". There you go Zimbabwe... your beacons of tolerance and demoCrazy! Chinjai Maitiro vanhu vamwari!"

Dzamara hit back "My brother this is low seat.
How you are connecting mysterious dots to come up with this curious conjecture is mind boggling. I am purtubed. 

Maybe you don't know...but on my posts and on my wall I always encourage tolerance. Not only that but I really don't respond to all comments. I can't. 
For you to create imaginary demons under my green tree is really disturbing."

Earlier Dzamara had lashed out at Khupe saying :"Truth be said, our politics must be chlorinated. 
You openly defied and challenged the man when he was alive. You refused to go and see him at his house or in hospital. Now that he is dead, you are blowing a trumpet from a mountain top all for political expedience. 
We need leaders."