MDC Deputy President, Dr Thokozani Khupe says she is ready to meet Nelson Chamisa to thrash the way forward.

But she said she does not want to meet him at party headquarters. Her personal assistant Mr Witness Dube said :“The possibility is there that the two may find common ground. They are not enemies but there are disagreements in terms of principles and values of the party that have to be ironed out. Dr Khupe is therefore pursuing internal remedies which include meeting with Adv Chamisa to find common ground. Let’s not rule out the prospects of them finding each other because what unites them is stronger than what separates them. The feeling is that the power grab that happened following the death of Mr Tsvangirai complicated things in the party and those are the things that will be up for discussion if the meeting succeeds,” said Mr Dube.

He added that it was wrong for anyone in the party to insinuate that Dr Khupe last attended party meetings eight months ago as it was not factual.

“Dr Khupe has been attending meetings. She even went to Adv Chamisa’s Chambers on 13 February a day before the president died. There is a difference between alliance meetings and party meetings.

“She has been quite consistent in her stance on the political alliance. She has unequivocally said she sees no value in it but strategic faults and president Tsvangirai had said he would want to hear her out but unfortunately he passed on before they resolved the alliance impasse and that was why she had approached Adv Chamisa,” said Mr Dube.