Amai Elizabeth Tsvangirai has been amazingly strong considering the trying times she is going through. It's not easy taking care of a cancer patient, it's draining emotionally and traumatic and after going through all that you have family victimising, harassing and abusing you. Last night we took sometime to chat with her and encourage her to be strong during this trying time.

It is time for African women to rise and speak out against abuse of grieving widows. This is a norm we should challenge boldly as women. Society sold us a dummy and told us that we should just accept tribulation and that it will come to pass. That narrative should change. Widows need to be loved and consoled. Widows should be respected and shouldn't lose their proper to their husbands families. This inhumane norm of frustrating widows should stop forthwith. I condemn any form of abuse, victimisation, harassment and intimidation of mourning widows. Linda Masarira