When there is too much dust raised, it’s always unwise to open one’s eyes....I am hearing a lot of things that are being said about my person, the party and Our President, The people’s President.

I wish to salute and thank all those who have been praying and continue to pray for our leader and visionary, President Tsvangirai.

While we all earnestly pray for President MT ’s full recovery, I would like to urge everyone of you to be very circumspect and careful about what you hear .

We want the best for our President, Dr M R Tsvangirai. We wish the best for the family. We also want the best for you and for us all, for Zimbabwe and it's future.

I stand pushing the party's objectives as we approach the elections. Our major call is to be game changers and scope shifters for posterity beyond our lifetime.We are the generation our nation has been waiting for.We have arrived.The time is now.

As for myself, when I thrust into politics over two decades ago, I was not turned on and tuned in by the desire for power or love of money or pursuit of narrow interests, because all those can be attained elsewhere in other fields of endeavor.

As you may know, life is best lived when one is wired for and to the service of others. My political vocation has been inspired by the absolute desire to be at the service of others.

The President says I should act on his behalf while he is away, I will execute my duties fully based on what he taught me, if he says I should take a back seat and clean windows, I will do exactly that because I believe he has the wisdom enough to know what needs to be done and when it must be done.

Let us not lose focus on what we want to achieve and ought to accomplish. We must lead and guide.We must gather and not scatter.We chose to step in and step up to fix it !! Nelson Chamisa