Rapper Stunner says he will never get back with Olinda, insisting that he had closed that chapter of his life for good.

He took to Instagram to set the record straight after a picture emerged of him and Olinda talking at the O2 show in London. Social media was alight yesterday as people speculated as to what had happened between the former couple. 

A sad looking Stunner said he would be friendly with Olinda when he meets her but " I will never go back to Olinda. If it does not work, leave it." He said he was tired of what he called stupid games being played which had apparently rocked his relationship with Dyonne. 

Stunner said many people assumed that he enjoyed dramas. But he said it was always some people causing problems in his life. As he spoke, his girlfriend, Dyonne was boarding a plane. It was not clear where she was heading.