Sello “Chicco” Twala  says the six people present when Senzo Meyiza was killed must come clean. He now does not buy the botched robbery story.

He told Power FM “The six people should just tell the truth. Someone pulled the trigger. Someone killed Senzo on that night and these people know, why are they quiet?

“I am not buying the story about the robbery, personally. Someone knows who killed Senzo, including my son. They must all be arrested if needs be. They must leave me out of this nonsense”.

The six people he is referring to include his son Longwe and his two friends, Kelly Khumalo, her mother and sister Zandi. This is after allegations that Chicco’s gun was used in the murder as it was missing during the time of the incident.

Rumors on social media suggest Longwe used his father’s gun to gun down Senzo on that fateful night.

Chicco was unhappy about the way he is being portrayed on social media.

“Is it a crime for me to be called and rushed to hospital? South Africans are blaming me, there’s so much insults about me,” he said.

He is determined to clear his name and he promise to see to it that this case is solved quickly.

“I am going to push Fikile Mbalula to make arrests. I am going to make lots of noise because I want my name cleared. If it’s my son, Mbalula must arrest and charge him and put him in jail” he said in closure.