The late MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife, Elizabeth did not fly to Buhera with her husband’s body to avoid confrontation with Gogo Tsvangirai.

There is pressure from Tsvangirai’s family that she should not attend the burial. Tsvangirai’s body was accompanied by his mother, brother Collin and son Edwin, among other close relatives aboard two helicopters.

Sources have told The Herald that Elizabeth was supposed to use a second helicopter. “But from how events unfold, the widow appears to have bowed to pressure because that helicopter had Edwin and his wife. So she chose to stay away,” said the source.

But Komichi said Elizabeth made a personal decision not to accompany Tsvangirai’s body.

“We spoke to her, she actually accompanied the body to One Commando, but made her decision not to travel with the body. It was her personal decision. We had actually reserved a seat for her. She told us that she would prefer to travel by road and that is what she is doing. She is coming,” said Komichi.