Olinda has confirmed that she was skeptical of her relationship with boyfriend Tytan and did not open the financial tap, as a result.

But she said the guy had proved his love. She said :"I will say the last 12 months I have been the biggest skeptic of our relationship. I have held back a lot, emotionally and even financially (yes I have to say it). But you have proven time after time, through every test  . . . That all you want is my love. You have endured it all in my quest to prove that all men are the same.

Today I correct my wrong, today I stop holding back. Because I now understand that all you ever want is my love. I watch how I control your very mood. When I love you, you are at your happiest when I am unhappy with you, you do not function.

I Love you NMN. ndiwe wacho Tytan Skhokho."