Tsvangirai’s widow has denied that she has locked out any of the late MDC leader’s children.

“I am still in mourning, but it is not true that any child has been locked out,” Elizabeth told the Daily News.

“Miriro and Richard are with their mother and we actually parted well after their mother requested to see them temporarily. They are welcome here any time and I have even spoken with their mother,” she said.

Elizabeth told the Daily News that she was actually in the process of arranging tuition for Richard junior since he is at university.

She said: “People must not lie that anyone has been shut out even though some of them know what they did while my husband was sick in South Africa. I don’t want to talk about that now but people should not lie on top of their ill-treatment of me and their lack of respect.”

Tsvangirai’s brother, Manasa claimed they have not yet deliberated on his brother’s estate, but he made it clear that the children should get the lion’s share.

“We are still discussing the way forward.  We will take our time. If a person has been working, mdara akashanda (Tsvangirai was a hard worker) and he was working for his children; he was not doing that for us, his brothers, but for his kids. Children should benefit and not anyone else, every man works for his children.

“Even if you are married, children should benefit first. Even when you have done things with your own hands you would say I have built this and that for my children and not for yourself. The children are the inheritors and not anyone else,” said Manasa.