Whilst in Malawi, my ministry was, just like today, growing everyday. To reach out to even those far, I established the Prophetic Channel. Now, running a television, especially on satellite and having finer picture quality, demands a lot money. Unfortunately, I did not have enough. I wanted a top up.

I called my spiritual father, Prophet Uebert Angel, for help. He instructed I flew to Zimbabwe, where he was by then. I felt relieved because I knew he would help.

My relief, however, was short-lived. When I got to his house, he quickly took me to his bedroom. There were two things on his bed: One, a stash of $100 000 and a bottle of anointing oil.

Upon seeing the money, I felt my problems were settled until he cleared his throat and asked which, of the two, I should choose. I was confused.

In my confused state, I was, however, cautious. I had to make a wise choice because that decision, against the immediate and pressing problem I had, will have to go a long way in the growth of my ministry. While there I saw a revelation: I could see that beyond the money, I couldn't see the anointing oil; but beyond the anointing oil, I could see money.

I chose the anointing oil and silently returned to Malawi with it. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri