The war between Ginimbi and Mutumwa Mawere is getting nasty with both parties threatening to spill more beans.

Ginimbi raged :“He must go and report to the police If I owe him money. Maybe he is now broke but that cannot be my fault if he is broke. Its an act of desperation and an abuse of the internet abuse of Twitter where he is posting falsehoods.

We were once close and in 2013, 2013 I was facing cash flow problems and he gave me R340 000 which I had to repay plus 15 percent interest per month. Afrter about four months I was back on my feet and I paid him back in batches starting with R100 000, then R70 000 and so forth.

Some of the money I paid when he was in prison in South Africa over a fraud case and his office people used it, probably to settle legal fees."

But Mawere said Ginimbi was a criminal who deserved to be locked up.