Ruvheneko says she is not running for political office. “I have come across a campaign poster on social media which falsely alleges that I am running for the position of Member of Parliament for the Harare East constituency under the National People’s Party,” she said.

“It is fake news. I categorically state that I do not work with or for the NPP and that I am not running for any political seat in the 2018 election.
“I have spoken to the NPP’s secretary general, Mr Gift Nyandoro, who reassured me that the hoax did not originate with them.

‘‘If and when I am running for public office, it will not be a debate about whether or not it is true because I will announce my candidacy clearly through my own and other official channels.
‘‘Sadly, we may never know who did this, but I have my suspicions.

“Either way, it is untrue and no one should continue to spread this lie.”