The businessman who rescued President Mnangagwa when he fled to Mozambique has been convicted of 29 counts of fraud in South Africa.

Big Time Strategic Group founder Mr Justice Peace Maphosa was jailed for eight years which was suspended until 2020. Mr Maphosa was convicted of fraud for presenting fake tax invoices to the South Africa Revenue Services for his two companies – Big Time Strategic Consultants and Computer Ink and Media Solutions (Pretoria Commercial Crime Court case number 111/293/13). SARS was prejudiced of R843 080,40 as a result of the fraudulent tax invoices and Mr Maphosa was ordered to pay the money in instalments until January 1, 2019.

Maphosa rose to fame through sponsoring beauty pageants in Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa also revealed he rescued him.

“After walking some 30 kilometres crossing the border into Mozambique. After I had been fired around 4 o’clock (on November 6), intelligence had made me aware of the next move intended to eliminate me,” Mnangagwa said.

“Fortunately, I found a [business] card in my wallet which bore the name of a colleague here, (Justice) Maphosa, whom I phoned and he picked me. I came here and I was well-looked after,” Mnangagwa said.
In court, Mr Maphosa said he was a breadwinner and employed 70 people. Mr Maphosa also said he was remorseful.