Apostle Locadia Karimatsenga has been sued by a local firm over a $98 000 debt. The firm, Competitive Brandshapes is also suing Ruth Machamba as a co-defendant in its application for a default judgement against the pair.

“The first to third defendants enlisted the services of the plaintiff to apply for a loan from Ecobank in the sum of $98 000, which loan was eventually approved by the bank,” he said.

“The plaintiff duly paid over to the third defendant (Tembo) the sum of $98 000 through third defendant’s agent, namely Ruth Machamba, it being a term of the agreement that the first to the third defendants jointly and severally with the one paying the other to be absolved would contribute towards repayment of the loan to Ecobank.

“In default of their undertakings, the first to third defendants did nothing by way of contributing towards liquidation of this amount causing summons to be issued against the first to third defendants.”

The firm urged the court to order execution of property in the event that Tembo and Machamba failed to make good the claim.

“Defendants be and are hereby ordered jointly and severally and within seven days hereof, to pay the sum of $98 000 to Ecobank Zimbabwe together with interest thereon at 15% per annum calculated from the 3rd of May 2016 to the date of full payment,” the firm said.