My humble and sincere advice to former Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri (along with his conspirators) would be to issue an apology to His Excellency Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, former CDF now Vice President Constantine Chiwenga, myself and all Zimbabweans that suffered under your police (administration). 

If you do not issue this apology and disclose your ills to the powers that be I’m afraid you are on your own. As you know and are fully aware the current administration is understanding and forgiving (as witnessed), but for those who cross the line fate will await.

Those like myself and many others that witnessed acts such as, but not limited to brutality, mischievous behaviour, rape, brutality, corruption, extortion can now send your complaints to zrpmischief@gmail.com. We should always forgive but never let those that caused us pain, discomfort or otherwise go unquestioned. Rev Frank Buyanga

As Zimbabwe we want to help you (past conspirators) help yourself. The Spirit of the People of Zimbabwe will no longer tolerate happenings of the past, this I stand by and put to Oath.