A Zimbabwean teacher has been stabbed to death by a pupil in South Africa.
The 15-year-old had failed his examinations and could not proceed to the next grade. The pupil who cannot be named as he is still a minor, has appeared in court for the alleged murder of the mathematics teacher, Kingston Vhiya, in Kuruman in the Northern Cape.

The murder was committed on Tuesday when the student demanded to meet Vhiya outside his home on Tuesday night. A witness said the boy had blamed his low marks on Vhiya.

When Vhiya, a teacher at Bosele Middle School in Manyeding Village near Kuruman, Northern Cape, went outside, the boy is alleged to have hit him with a stone on the chest before stabbing him to death.

A friend who had been with the murdered 42-year-old teacher at the time of the incident said Vhiya had been stabbed after stepping out of the house to try talk to the boy.

“The boy started by throwing stones, breaking windows of the house. He accused Kingston of failing him at school. Kingston told him that he could not blame him for failing and that he should speak to individual subject teachers.

“The boy had broken the windows and was able to pull out Kingston’s phone, which was in the charger, through one of them (windows). Kingston then opened the door but was hit by a stone on his chest,” Zeky Mangei said.

He said he had tried to stop his friend from going out because he feared that the pupil might not have come alone.

Vhiya, from Masvingo in Zimbabwe, started teaching at the school last year.