This is Tinotenda Mandemwa (21), studying for her Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences degree who has been found guilty of stealing perfumes in Mutare.

“It is aggravatory that you made a habit of shoplifting and on different occasions shoplifted expensive perfumes thinking that you had gotten away with it in the first instance. However, it is the court’s mandate to keep youthful offenders out of jail and therefore a fine is reasonable,” Magistrate Mahwe told her in court.

He slapped her with a 30-day jail term, which he, however, gave an optional $60 fine which was to have been paid up that same day.  The court heard it that on January 9, and at around 9am, Mandemwa entered Pick n Pay supermarket and took two 50ml bottles of Colour Me perfumes, which she put in her handbag and left without paying.
The supermarket’s CCTV operator only noticed that Mandemwa had stolen the perfumes which were valued at $25 after she had left the supermarket.

She, however, came back to the same supermarket four hours later with the intention of stealing again. She proceeded to the deodorants aisle and took two 50ml bottles of Colour Me perfumes again together with a bottle of Nivea lotion.

She stashed the goods which were worth $36 in her handbag and attempted to leave the shop without paying  again. But she was arrested.