MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai is set to get a gratuity, medical cover and the Highlands mansion.

This was revealed by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa in Parliament. Harare Central MP, Murisi Zwizwai (MDC-T) had asked why the Finance Bill was silent on the pension payments to Tsvangirai.

“Hon Zwizwai raises a matter which I have discussed with him and I want to repeat what I told him,” said Mr Chinamasa. “I told him that this is a matter that I have consulted with the President. When the President visited the former Prime Minister, he made assurances to him that he was going to address issues of welfare concerning him.

“Some of the undertakings that were made by the President to the former Prime Minister were to do with the ownership of the house which currently forms his residence and that an arrangement will be made to transfer ownership of that house to the former Prime Minister.

“There was also an undertaking made by the President to meet all the medical bills and arrears bills that had accumulated with respect to addressing the medical condition of the former Prime Minister.

“The President also promised him that he would look into the issue about his welfare. Having considered the issue, he came to the conclusion and he has asked me to convey this to this Chamber that he will make a generous lump sum, gratuity payment to the former Prime Minister.

“I want us to understand that the President is a man of his word. He will do so as soon as possible.”