Kapfupi has fallen on hard times and the reported nine cars are all gone. What remains are two ramshackle vehicles — Mercedes Benz and Nissan Basara parked at his house in Epworth which he is struggling to put finishing touches on.

“I do not want to complain to God. By Epworth standards I am okay. Even if you get into my house, you will find that my children are still eating spaghetti and drinking orange crush. As you can see I am enjoying ice-cold beer in the morning,” he told The Herald in an interview.
“I am currently in the process of assembling modern instruments and my band will soon be the talk of the town,” he said.

“I am working on a music album and I am going to release a new drama titled “Bvisa Chigunwe Mukanwa” on February 15”. My music is not appreciated in town that is why I am now performing in farming and mining areas. I am a nyau dancer so my companions in those areas understand my music,” said Kapfupi who is proud to be at he is part of the secret society of Chewa culture.

Kapfupi denied that his wife, Mai Nga had left him. He said they were very much together.