Veteran broadcaster, Ezra Sibanda was driving around Bulawayo when he saw Gogo Madonga begging for money to pay school fees for her grand daughter Buhle Khumalo whose mother is in jail in South Africa.

He took to social media and this morning the little girl is back in school. Ezra said :”Little Makhumalo finally in school. A million thanks to the good hearted, loving and genuinely caring people from UK, Canada, South Africa and Zim who contributed and paid the first term school fees, uniforms, groceries for our little bright angel. Her grandmother is over the moon and can’t thank each and everyone of you enough. She says she will leave it to God to thank you by offering his blessings. My prayer is to pay the fees for Buhle for the whole year or up to the time she finishes school. This girl is just too intelligent and this gold can’t be ignored.”