Zifa President, Philip Chiyangwa is not bootlicking President Mnangagwa when he is seen dancing to Kutonga Kwaro.

James Pande who posted a video of the pair dancing said :”if you see someone dancing a song for example the video I posted with Bla Phidza dancing Kutonga kwaro rocking Kutonga kwaro that doesn't mean it's bootylicking ED, No. The truth is Kutonga kwaro is a hit song and ED is the man of the moment and our President and also Bla Phidza mudhara wangu kubvira kudhara before I even got involved in politics, zvekuti Phidza aimboti Munhu wese kuna Amai zvine basa reiko nekuti anakirwa nelabel and song, inga vazhinji vaiti Gushungo chete chete kana ED vakatombozipigwa naAmai Stop it, that's politics.

Let's be mature and focus more on bread and butter issues and leave the negativity mindset and make money.Right now the President is busy re-engaging with other world leaders and businesspeople so that our country can rise again but some negative minded people driven by their own selfish agendas unonzwa vachiti toda kunomupedzera kuDavos ikoko, mungamugone imi munhu akatadzwa nepoison, let's take a chill pill and focus more on important things."