Gweru music promoter Esau Hondora is in the spotlight after a snake slithered  out of the boot of his Mercedes Benz.

He said he was an innocent resident who had just assisted the police with transport from Lundi Park suburb where the reptile had been caught for an unknown destination.

“Around midday on Saturday I was in Lundi Park suburb visiting my friend Batsirai Danga. On our way out from his house we were called by two police officers who were asking for a lift to carry a python to National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority offices in town. However, when we got there, the offices were closed,” he said. 

Hondora said they proceeded to Gweru Central Police Station and upon arrival, some officers asked to see the reptile.

“I opened the sack with the snake and it slithered on the tarmac and entered the engine of a Ford Ranger that was parked next to my vehicle. Parks guys were later called and came to pick up the snake. All this time, people were taking photos and videos and I never expected this to go viral. I have no connection with the snake. It’s not mine and I only assisted the police with transport,” said Hondora.