A teenage wife in Zvishavane has been divorced by her husband after their child developed a rare disease.

Castina Zhou (17) was taken to her parents by hubby, Image Dave (25) who is now demanding his lobola. Castina told The Herald that she married Dave at the age of 15. Trouble started when their six-months-old baby girl fell ill and has a growth on her back, which requires an operation.
“My husband said he wanted to divorce me because he is saying the rare disease afflicting our child was a result of my parents bewitching her. He is saying my parents are bitter that he was yet to finish paying lobola and some money they had demanded since he married me while I was still under age. He is saying he wants part of the lobola back.”

Her parents rejected her arguing that the husband should honour the lobola agreement. She said her parents were also not keen to assist her with money to take the child to hospital.

“My problem is that I am now living with a distant relative after my parents said I should go back to my husband. They are saying he should pay United Bulawayo Hospital the money it wants for the baby to be operated on, but I can’t force myself on a man who divorced me and took me back to my parents,” she said.