Benjamin Nyandoro says he quit being the manager of Soul Jah Love after the chanter insulted him and squabbles over money tore them apart.

Nyandoro said he raised over $100 000 for Soul Jah Love in the slightly over five months he was with him and that he is still owed a substantial amount in management fees by the chanter.

Nyandoro told The Sunday Mail that their problems started with the contract they signed.“When I joined Soul Jah Love, he insisted on a contract. I commend him for that because it made him the first artiste to actually feel obligated to pay me for my work. Everyone else I had worked with before preferred that I do charity for them.

“However, I do not think Soul Jah Love expected me to make him that much money and that he would have to pay me 10 percent of it. I made him over US$100 000. So he owes me a substantial amount and that might have scared him, especially if he was not saving the money or investing it elsewhere,” said Nyandoro.

 He said the situation hit crisis point when the new album launch flopped. Chibaba accused Nyandoro of stealing his money.

“Unfortunately, October 21, 2017 was a test for both of us and we failed. I felt the allegations were an insult and decided to withdraw my services. Contrary to the word out there, I was not fired, I withdrew my services.

“Which brings us to the poor and irresponsible decision made by Soul Jah Love to accept a gig in South Africa on Friday 20th (October) and have an album launch the following day in Zimbabwe. I strongly advised against the decision, which came with huge consequences.

“The South Africa gig was a huge flop that then affected their timeous return for the album launch. His trusted lieutenants, those assigned to revenue collection, who were also the key people in planning, only arrived back in the country on the day of the launch at 10pm. Jah Love himself arrived at the venue for the first time at 2am, just before going on stage.

“We had no systems in place. That made us porous. We lost money through weak checkpoints as we had to engage the services of strangers on the same night. Soul Jah Love knew what we were getting into and I forewarned him of the likely consequences. Unfortunately the show had to go on regardless.”